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1984: A Novel unleashes a one-of-a-kind plot in which No One is Safe or Free. It is nowhere safe to flee or even hide from a tyrannical party leader, Big Brother, who is considered equal to God. Everything is owned by the state in this situation. The world was witnessing the devastation of World War II. During this period, leaders such as Hitler, Stalin, and Mussolini ruled. Big Brother is always keeping an eye on you. He even has control over everyone’s feelings of love, life, and discovery. The central theme of this historical novel is that no one has the freedom to live life on his or her own terms. It is the year 1984. The entire world is changing gradually. The nations that enjoy freedom have distorted into unpleasant and degraded places, resulting in Oceania, a powerful cartel. This is the world in which Big Brother has complete control over everything. Winston Smith, another character, is living a normal layman life in these harsh circumstances, despite hating everything. He works on rewriting old newspaper articles to make history or the past relevant to today’s political position. Despite his dislike for his bosses, he is quite efficient. Julia, a young girl with strict morals, enters the picture. She too hates the system as much as Winston does. Gradually, they get into an affair but have to conceal their feelings for each other, as it will not be acceptable by Big Brother. Freedom is slavery in Big Brother’s bad world, and ignorance is strength.

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