Acceptable Losses: A Lesfic Space Opera (Black Flag Book 5)

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Victory is reserved for those who are willing to pay its price., The Union is engaged in a bitter war on multiple fronts. Old enmities are resurfacing daily, threatening further cracks in the already fragile planetary alliance. But there are some who are willing to pay the price, whatever it is, to keep the Union intact., When the Black Flag is ambushed en route to a rendezvous, privateers Katherine Ellis and Captain Magdalene Landon find themselves fighting a losing battle against a superior force. And when they need them most, the Union is nowhere to be found., But there???s more afoot than overtaxed lines and being in the wrong place at the wrong time. To the admiralty, a handful of privateers is a small price to pay for victory. As Katherine and Magdalene discover that their plight might not be a product of happenstance after all, they determine to live long enough to get answers., Because losing the Black Flag might be acceptable to the brass, but they???re not willing to die as pawns., Cover by May Dawney Designs

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