Amiracle: Set It Off Meets Menace II Society

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Amiracle Jackson isn??t one to be played with. After ??aging out?? of foster care, Amiracle is released to the gritty streets of New York with only a bus ticket and $75 to her name. With the urging of Sham and Rah, she falls into a life of kidnapping, robbery, extortion, and murder??all before the age of nineteen. She then, enlists her ??day-one?? girls and launches a do-or-die plan to get money by any means necessary, and running over anyone that dares to stand in her way. When kickin?? in doors and shoot-outs with drug dealers is no longer enough, the ladies embark on a journey of complicated schemes, detailed cons, and daring robberies to become some of the most ruthless, elaborate, and meticulous gangsters Albany, or anywhere else for that matter, has ever seen.But, after the tragic death of a loved one and severely pissin?? off Albany??s godfather, Amiracle begins to rethink her career path. But it may be too little, too late, as she begins to realize she overlooked one of the game??s most fundamental facts. There are several ways to get in the game, but usually only one way to get out.

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