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What ancient mysteries lie concealed within the notorious Cellular Jail’s walls, kept hidden for over a century?

In 1912 CE, a priest became entangled in the tumultuous currents of the Swadeshi movements, ultimately leading him to the dreaded Cellular Jail in Port Blair. Witnessing the brutal torments inflicted upon political prisoners, he devised a daring escape plan and left enigmatic symbols on his cell’s walls, hoping that one day, someone might decipher his harrowing tale.

Fast forward to 2004 CE in the Great Nicobar Island, where a young boy miraculously survived a devastating tsunami. Christened ‘Andaman,’ this orphaned child was destined for a noble purpose. Years later, a twist of fate landed him within the confines of the Cellular Jail. To his astonishment, he stumbled upon the same cryptic symbols he had encountered before.

As Andaman’s quest unfolded, spanning from the jail to the dense jungles inhabited by the Jarawas, a tapestry of long-buried secrets began to surface. The saga encapsulates Andaman in a century-old chain of events marked by trust, betrayal, and retribution, with Andaman himself playing a pivotal role. However, the full comprehension of the intricate narrative eluded him until he could unravel the mystery behind a peculiar-looking Swastika.

For a deeper understanding of this captivating tale, delve into the pages of “Andaman,” where the echoes of history resound through symbols etched on the walls of Cellular Jail.

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