Fallen : Enemies to Lovers Indian Romance (The Forbidden Series Book 2)

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The Forbidden Series – Book 2 (Enemies to Lovers Romance Novel), Khushi Thakur, Have compassion for your family and be heartless towards your enemies. This has been my only slogan since I became the backbone of the RS Group of Companies where I am in charge of dealing with their tricky competitors. This time our focus is on the AR Group, which has rattled to its core ever since its CEO, Aarav Raichand allegedly stepped down from his position. Whatever they say, I’m still certain he’s a tornado disguised as my business rival. There???s something about this man that I loathe and something that draws me insanely towards him. This unseen magnetism between us coaxes me to believe Aarav is that missing piece of my life???s puzzle, which I had given up solving., Aarav Raichand, Two years ago, my world crashed down forever when I lost my wife, Jhanvi Raichand. But then I saw her again, this time in my rival???s arms. Everyone said she only had a similar face. I believed that too. She wasn???t my Jaan. She was not the one who transformed me from a vengeful man to a loving husband. But I was drawn to her like a moth to fire. Could she be my Jaan and didn???t want to recognize me anymore? If I could avenge my family to bring justice to my life earlier, I would burn down the world this time to get this woman in my arms again. The only difference is that this time there will be no rules. It???s about time I remind them what it meant to meddle with the love of a big bad wolf!!, The world had seen my Revenge; now they would witness my Rivalry., Reading Order of The Forbidden Series:, Book 1 ??? Forbidden, Book 2 ??? Fallen

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