Flame & Fortune: A Sweet Fallen Angel & Demon Paranormal Romance (Angels of Sojourn)

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Lena is in hell???, ???literally, working for the devil., She???s been there for over twenty years and isn???t good at her job. In fact, she was never good at much in the human world, either. When an opportunity to do a deed for the Unfortunate arises, giving her a chance to return to Earth and earn an Eternal Flame to make her existence tolerable, she takes it???never expecting to find love., Kieran is on a fast track to CEO status with a weakness for red-headed women., When he???s accused of corporate embezzlement, and all his dreams fall out of reach, Lena stumbles into his life. Despite everything, he can???t help but chase her. Little does he know that Lena???s on a mission straight from the Devil himself that???s directly tied to the crimes Kieran???s accused of. , Are they working together to clear Kieran???s name???or is Lena there for a different purpose? , You won???t want to miss this romantic mystery, because everyone deserves a second chance., Grab this story now! , Books in the Main Series: , Blood & Holy Water, Angels of Sojourn, Book 1, Fur & Feathers, Angels of Sojourn, Book 2, Souls & Shadows, Angels of Sojourn, Book 3, (All three of these novels can be found in the , Angels of Sojourn Boxed Set, .), Stand-Alone Spin-Offs: , Fangs & Fairy Dust, Broken & Burnt, Flame & Fortune, One Possible Future (Free to Newsletter Subscribers), Bitten (Free to Newsletter Subscribers), (Many of these stories can be found in the , Angels of Sojourn Novella Boxed Set, .), Note:, Each , Angels of Sojourn, story features a different couple and can be enjoyed with the series or as a standalone.

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