Love, Rosie (Where Rainbows End)

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The uplifting and captivating new novel from the worldwide bestseller Cecelia Ahern

Kitty Logan has lost her way�

As a journalist, she�s spent the past few years chasing the big scoops � no matter the consequences. When she makes a terrible mistake, she finds herself mired in scandal, her career implodes and even her personal relationships are tested to the limits.

At a loss, Kitty finds distraction in a list of one hundred names her late mentor and boss, Constance, has left her. Kitty�s been given one final chance, the most important assignment of her life � to write the story behind the one hundred names as a tribute piece to Constance. As she tracks down the people on the list and tries to work out what connects them, Kitty meets some extraordinary people.

Can these strangers� stories help her finally understand her own?

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