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The 8th edition of Microeconomics provides a treatment of microeconomic theory that stresses the relevance and application to managerial and public policy decision making. This edition includes a number of new topics, Updated examples, and improved exposition of existing materials.• This edition includes a number of new topics, Updated examples, and improved exposition of existing materials.• This text incorporates over 100 real-world examples into the flow of the text, rather than as segregated boxed features. • Key terms are defined in margins throughout the book and in the glossary. • Chapter 4 includes new material on speculative demand and network externalities to include social networks.• Chapter 5 contains a new section on bubbles and informational cascades • Chapter 18 on Externalities and Public Goods covers the treatment of environmental economics, a very hot topic now in this course. • New material on speculative demand and an expanded discussion of network externalities to include social networks can be found in Chapter 4.• A series of examples relating to the economics of health care are introduced in Chapters 3, 6, 16, and 17, including the demand for and production of health care.• A new series of examples on taxicab markets, found in in Chapters 8, 9, and 15, illustrate the effects of government policies that restrict output.• Added examples on energy demand and energy efficiency can be found in Chapters 4 and 7, and “contagion” in global financial markets is offered in Chapter 16.Table of ContentsPart I. Introduction: Markets and PricesChapter 1. PreliminariesChapter 2. The Basics of Supply and DemandPart II. Producers, Consumers, and Competitive MarketsChapter 3. Consumer BehaviourChapter 4. Individual and Market DemandChapter 5. Uncertainty and Consumer BehaviourChapter 6. ProductionChapter 7. The Cost of ProductionChapter 8. Profit Maximization and Competitive SupplyChapter 9. The Analysis of Competitive MarketsPart III. Market Structure and Competitive StrategyChapter 10. Market Power: Monopoly and MonopsonyChapter 11. Pricing with Market PowerChapter 12. Monopolistic Competition and OligopolyChapter 13. Game Theory and Competitive StrategyChapter 14. Markets for Factor InputsChapter 15. Investment, Time, and Capital MarketsPart IV. Information, Market Failure, and the Role of GovernmentChapter 16. General Equilibrium and Economic EfficiencyChapter 17. Markets with Asymmetric InformationChapter 18. Externalities and Public Goods

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