Moonlight Square: One Moonlit Night (Prequel Novella) & Duke of Scandal (Book 1)

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Presenting the wildly romantic Regency series from New York Times bestselling author, Gaelen Foley…, Welcome to Moonlight Square – Regency London’s Most Romantic Address!, This digital collection contains the Prequel Novella and Book 1 in Gaelen Foley’s Moonlight Square series., PREQUEL NOVELLA: ONE MOONLIT NIGHT, At the ripe old age of two-and-twenty, Lady Katrina Glendon just can’t seem to snare a husband. Whether her frank tongue or slightly eccentric ways bear the blame, she faces a houseful of younger sisters clamoring for her, the eldest, to marry and move aside before they all end up as spinsters. When her latest suitor defects and proposes to another girl, Trinny throws up her hands in despair of ever finding a fianc??. But sometimes destiny waits just around the corner…and love lives right across the square!, Gable Winston-McCray, the charming, understated Viscount Roland saunters through life as a wealthy, sophisticated rakehell and man-about-town. Heir to an earldom, the handsome hedonist would rather dally with bored Society wives than acquire a bride of his own, much to his father’s dismay. Until, one moonlit night, fate strikes! Unsuspecting neighbors meet and become flirtatious allies. So when Gable receives his father’s ultimatum to wed or go penniless, he offers Trinny a marriage of convenience. Alas, the pretty redhead cannot possibly accept such an unfeeling proposal – even if her dear “Lord Sweet Cheeks” might be the man of her dreams., BOOK 1: DUKE OF SCANDAL, Forbidden fruit., The one thing the rakehell Duke of Netherford swore he’d never do was give in to the temptation offered to him by his best friend’s younger sister. But now, Miss Felicity Carvel is all grown up, and more ravishing than ever. Some rules were made to be broken…, Six years ago, Jason Hawthorne, the Duke of Netherford, made it clear to the young, lovesick Miss Felicity Carvel that nothing could ever happen between them. He has , earned, his reputation as a libertine – and the lovely innocent is his best friend’s sister. But six years of wild hedonistic pleasures have left Jason empty and jaded, while Felicity has blossomed into a strong, beautiful woman, ripe for love and marriage. When a sudden windfall makes her one of the most sought-after heiresses in London, Jason knows he must step in to protect her and keep the fortune-hunters at bay until her brother returns from his dangerous mission abroad. Unfortunately, Jason is the last person whose help she’d ever want., Still smarting from the humiliation of throwing herself at the handsome, dark-eyed rogue only to be rejected, Felicity has watched from a distance over the years, heart aching, as her beloved Jason wandered ever farther astray, seeking escape from the hidden wounds in his past that have turned him into this lost soul. When he appoints himself her temporary protector until her brother returns from abroad, Felicity can’t seem to get rid of him. Worse, the attraction between them has only grown with the passage of time. Deep down, Felicity still wants Jason for her own. But after getting her heart broken once before by the infamous rakehell, does she dare attempt to play with fire again – and this time, can Jason resist?, The Moonlight Square Series:, Prequel Novella: ONE MOONLIT NIGHT, Book 1: DUKE OF SCANDAL, Book 2: DUKE OF SECRETS, Book 3: DUKE OF STORM, Book 4: DUKE OF SHADOWS

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