Now or Never: Love at First Sight

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Is there anyone who doesn???t believe in true love? Is there anything called ???Love at First Sight???? yes indeed it is. True love indeed is the energy that binds two souls., Have you ever travelled on a long train journey and wondered what if you meet someone special? Will that person you meet be the ???love??? you have been searching for all the while., In December 1970 A dashing army commando captain Nagesh and an equally dashing young lady Yamini meet by chance twice in a day in Delhi. First time in a jewelers shop and next on a long train journey sharing a luxurious saloon all to themselves., Is it their , Love at First Sight, ? Will they fall in love? Will their love bloom once they get off the train?, Nagesh finds in Yamini a fierce and independent woman who is both beautiful and bold: Harvard graduate she is ahead of her times who can carry herself with grace ???just the type of woman Nagesh had been dreaming of., There is a twist though; Nagesh is one of the best commandos in the country. Will he be called for service as the clouds of war seem to loom large?, Will their , Love at First Sight, , turn into marital bliss? Will they have their Now or Never moment?

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