Old Sins: Penny Vincenzi’s bestselling first novel

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Keynote: Old sins cast long shadows. Enter the irresistible world of Penny Vincenzi. Read hervery first novel. With an exclusive new introduction from the author. Key Features Penny Vincenzi’s very first novel; the book that made her a Sunday Timesbestseller. Out in new livery – and with a new introduction from the author. A stunningrepackage to bring Old Sins in line with her NEW frontlist titles. Old Sins has sold nearly half a million copies to date – and counting. New fans willlove Old Sins! About the Book: Old Sins POWER Two clever, stylish and ambitious women are fighting for control of a multi-millioncosmetics empire. MYSTERY What is the secret that lies behind its charming, ruthless creator, Julian Morell? And why,when he dies, does he leave half his forturne to a complete stranger? GLAMOUR Here are the designer interiors, the jewels, cars and to-die-for couture of the rich and thesuper-rich – the glittering, fabulous world Julian created for himself, and the women wholoved him. PASSION And here is a love story – poignant, sexy, tempestuous – featuring a mother, a mistress, awife and a daughter, all of whom are overshadowed by … old sins. About the Author: Penny Vincenzi Penny Vincenzi is one of the UK’s best-loved and most popular authors. Since her firstnovel, Old Sins, was published in 1989, she has written fourteen bestselling novels, mostrecently The Best of Times and the number one bestseller An Absolute Scandal. Her first’proper’ job was at the Harrods Library, aged sixteen, after which she went to secretarialcollege. She joined the Mirror and later became a journalist, writing for The Times, theDaily Mail and Cosmopolitan amongst many others, before turning to fiction. Several yearslater, over seven million copies of Penny’s novels have been sold worldwide, and she isuniversally held to be the ‘doyenne of the modern blockbuster’ (Glamour). Penny has fourdaughters and divides her time between London and Gower, South Wales.

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