Operation Dragon Strike

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A 1.2 Billion-strong biometric database. A devastating ransomware cyber-attack. Seventy-two hours to database wipe out. How will New Delhi respond? Praise for the Spy Thriller series: “God…what a thrilling story. I was on my toes towards the final chapters.” – Mrutyunjaya J “Puts you on the edge of your seat with mind blowing action sequences” – Ruchika M “Just thought to read a chapter. Honestly I didn’t leave a single word until it was finished. In fact every chapter has a new suspense waiting to be unfolded.” – Dipesh B “Finished reading it at 4 a.m.” – Deepak A “Wow.. what a book. Thrilling from the beginning till the end.” – Amazon Customer _______________________________________ When the Aadhaar database containing the biometric and financial details of 1.2 Billion Indians is hacked in a ransomware attack, everyone is stunned by the audacity of the crime. Who could have done this? Why? And how? The cyber-terrorists soon send a message. They demand One Billion dollars to unlock the encrypted database. If the demands are not met, the database will be wiped out in seventy-two hours. With the ransom deadline ticking down, the Prime Minister sends a Covert Ops team to China to trace the culprits. But when the team reaches China, they find something shocking. As the clues lead them from one suspect to the next, they stumble upon a shadowy figure in the background that is pulling the strings and thwarting their every move. As the body count piles up, it becomes even more imperative to hunt down the scheming mastermind behind the scenes. Will the Covert Ops team be able to save the Aadhaar database before the time runs out? From the rugged mountains of Iran to the teeming crowds of Istanbul to an underwater cat-and-mouse chase below the Straits of Malacca, Operation Dragon Strike is a gripping, breakneck adventure that will leave action thriller fans gasping for breath.

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