Passion And Poppadoms

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Sometimes a life without Indian rules isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Marina’s parents have allowed her to make her own way, forge her own career and choose her own husband. Life is full of possibilities. So why is she working as a humble sandwich-filler in a shabby Oxfordshire town? Finding herself a rich and handsome husband hasn’t been as easy as she’d thought. When Marina sets eyes on gorgeous hotel owner Thomas Harding, she knows her search is at an end. But there are one or two obstacles to overcome. Her buxom, blonde flatmate for a start. Not to mention Thomas’s fiancee, the beautiful yet fragile Nicole. Then there’s Thomas himself. How can a loud-mouthed Indian girl from the wrong side of the tracks hope to capture his heart? Luckily Marina believes in miracles. She’s certainly going to need one to seduce Thomas. If only she could find some way to improve her karma, she might just be in with a chance.

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