Reminiscences of a stock operator

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Legend of Wall Street shares his trade secrets in the classic THE WALL STREET JOURNAL! The best-selling autobiography of Jesse Livermore, also known as Boy Plunger, an American investor and security analyst who amassed enormous wealth from the stock market, is titled Reminiscences of a Stock Operator. As Livermore gambled tens of millions of dollars on the stock and commodities markets in the early 1900s, Edwin Lefèvre follows his exploits. The book contains insightful accounts of Livermore’s experiences as one of the most significant Wall Street speculators, as well as trading advice and guidelines that Livermore imparts through Lefèvre. Livermore’s assertion that consumers make up the market and that consumer excesses are a reflection of popular psychology underlies the book’s enduring appeal. He claims that people frequently make mistakes because they are unable to control their fear and greed. As a result, Livermore’s opinions and lessons are still applicable to every new generation of traders and investors. A classic of business writing, this book is.

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