Scruples Two (Random House Large Print)

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Scruples, , Judith Krantz’s????electrifying, world wide bestseller appeared fifteen????years ago and made book publishing history. Now????that unforgettable story, a story that marks an era,????a story that millions of readers wish had never????ended . . . continues. Only a single night’s sleep????seperates the lives of the characters in????, Scruples, from this mesmerizing sequel.????Billy Ikehorn is a contemporary woman living on a????grand scale. A self-made beauty and the exquisite????owner of a fabled Beverley Hills boutique called????Scruples and married to the Oscar-winning producer????Vito Orsini. To those who only know her from????afar, she seems to lead a dream existence, wrapped in????all the power of glamout, riches, and success.????Then a stranger arrives in Billy’s life–Gigi????Orsini, Vito’s sixteen-year-old daughter by an early????marriage. Independent, deeply interesting,????street-smart, and enchantingly humorous, Gigi captures????Billy’s heart and sets in motion a train of utterly????unexpected events. Life with Gigi hold both joy and????pain for Spider Elliot and Valentine O’Neill,????Billy’s partners in Scruples. The many new freinds????Gigi makes during the next five years will grow????important to Billy in ways she could never have????forseen. , Scruples Two, moves swiflty????and unexpectadly, filled with breathtaking change,????from California to New York to Paris, following????two of the most fascinating and touching females in????modern fiction, Billy Ikehorn and Gigi Orsini., From the Paperback edition.

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