Sealed Forever (Magic of Love Book 2)

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Which one will prevail, a battle of wills or a powerful love?, Aditya Goyal, a hotshot criminal lawyer, with his charming smile and easy-going attitude, made for a perfect combination for women to swoon over. But none were willing to commit to a relationship, for the risky profession he was in. He???d met no one who made his heart yearn for more, except for one woman who had not a shred of fear in her body. She reeled into his life, stirring him up at every turn, and the desire to have her in his life grew stronger with every encounter, convincing him she was the one for him., Trisha Parekh, a feisty, smart and self-assured woman, a criminal lawyer herself, had clear goals, with her career being the most important and sole focus of her life. After a failed relationship, her professional life took precedence over love and marriage. Until, the charming Aditya Goyal barged into her life and challenged her inhibitions about living a carefree, fun filled life. She succumbed to his charm and, taking a leap of faith, gave him her heart and soul., Whether it was passion or profession, the two of them sparked a riot. Just as their relationship was blossoming, one personal case turned into a battle of wills for both. Instead of fighting it together, they stood against each other, tearing down everything beautiful they had between them. Is their relationship destined to end or will they find a middle ground and let their love triumph?

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