The American Roommate Experiment

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Rosie Graham has a problem. A few, actually. First, she qua her well paid job to focus on her secret career as a romance writer, only to enter a creative slump. Then the ceiling of her New York apartment falls in. To make matters worse, when she heads to her best friend’s apartment, she finds that Lina has already lend the studio to her cousin Lucas, who Rosie has been-for lock of a better word-stalking on Instagram

When Lucas suggests that they share the small space, Rosie discovers that he strolls around the place in a towel, has a distracting grin, an irresistible accent and cooks meals that are just as tempting. Then he learns about Rosie’s writer’s block and proposes an outrageous idea: he’ll take her on a series of experimental dates to reignite her literary muse.

This shouldn’t be a problem because Lucas’s stay in New York also has a deadline. But she might find it hard to write now the research is so much more fun…

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| Publication : Simon & Schuster


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