The Christmas Thief & other stories: Three delightful stories for the Christmas Season!

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Steal yourself away this winter with a collection of festive mysteries from the Queen of Suspense and international bestseller, Mary Higgins Clark., The Christmas Thief, When someone , steals a ninety-foot Christmas tree , on its way to Rockefeller Center, , Alvirah Meehan,, lottery winner turned amateur sleuth, must track it down. She knows the tree is irreplaceable. But she doesn???t know that, hidden in a hole in the tree???s trunk, is , a fortune in priceless gems???, ??, Dashing through the Snow, The quiet town of Branscombe is famous for its annual , Yuletide Festival of Joy. , But joy is in short supply this Christmas season, when a local man is cheated out of a winning $160 million lottery ticket, and then vanishes. It???s up to Alvirah to figure out , where the missing man is, ???and who wound up with his ticket., ??, Silent Night, A little boy named Brian, is the only witness to a crime: a pickpocket stealing a precious family heirloom from his mother. Brian takes matters into his own hands and follows the thief into New York???s labyrinthine subway system, determined to get the heirloom back, as , he believes it will cure his seriously ill father, . But it???s not long before Brian, his mother and the thief become part of an extraordinary story that will teach them , the true meaning of Christmas., Each of these stories is a delightful, Christmassy treat, perfect reading for cold winter nights.

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