The Loss of Innocense (Unseen Warriors Book 2)

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Vietnam has become a Mecca to many factories dedicated to the export of goods to America. But with progress comes hate. Suddenly, American corporations scream for protection from the violence that is plaguing the south. US military forces are sent to Vietnam to help the country’s ailing Socialist government. Soon, the soldiers find themselves battling a massive insurgency that suddenly shifts focus and targets them. During the heavy fighting, a group of soldiers get separated from their Platoon. While searching for their teammates, they stumble on the true horrors of war. They soon find out that casualties on both sides have a common denominator of more than just blood., The squad soon falls for a trap. During captivity, they found out that all is not what it seems. The captors were once American allies who were spurned early in the twenty first century and that the Vietnam war in didn’t quite end in 1975. In fact, they soon discover that there are many uncomfortable secrets that span several generations of soldiers and even more years of war., As war progresses, agents and double agents feverishly work through the dark hours of the night as they struggle to find and free the captives. But for the captives, their imprisonment soon turns only to be the beginning of a nightmare. A nightmare that challenges everything they believe in. A nightmare which is truly the end of their innocence.

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