The Mountain Shadow: Shantaram

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This book is the second part to Shantaram. It is filled with loads of passion, thrill and faith. The protagonist Lin is a criminal, who makes money from forging documents and through illegal money changing business. But he has a huge heart and never fails to help those who are in need. The book also throws light on the love of his life, Karla, who marries a media magnate and aspiring politician.

Not only Lin, but there are many people like him such as gangsters, street people, gurus, etc. The book takes the readers into the criminal underworld that�s constantly on war with police. As the story proceeds Lin finds out that his friend is in trouble and goes through several highs and lows in order to help him.

All characters in the book are dealing with backdrop of love, friendship and bitter truth about life. This makes each character quite interesting and important part of the story. The book also describes life of Mumbai when it was called Bombay in eighties, meanwhile depicting how Bombay mafia used to function decades ago.

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