The Remains of The Buddha + The Speaking Stone + Andaman (Combo Offer)

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Celebrate Republic Day with a captivating literary journey through “The Remains of The Buddha,” “The Speaking Stone,” and “Andaman” – an exclusive combo offer that promises to transport you to intriguing realms of history, mystery, and adventure.

“The Remains of The Buddha” takes you on a profound exploration of ancient spirituality as it unravels the enigma surrounding the relics of the enlightened one. Immerse yourself in a rich tapestry of culture, philosophy, and archaeological intrigue.

“The Speaking Stone” weaves a thrilling tale where an ancient artifact holds the key to a hidden truth. Unravel the mysteries of the past as characters embark on a quest that blends suspense, mythology, and modern-day adventure.

“Andaman” invites you to the mesmerizing archipelago, where turquoise waters and lush landscapes provide the backdrop to a gripping narrative. This book offers an enthralling mix of history, romance, and suspense set against the backdrop of the Andaman Islands.

Indulge in this Republic Day offer and immerse yourself in a trilogy that promises a literary odyssey like no other. Delve into the pages of these three captivating books, each a unique exploration of culture, history, and the human spirit. Don’t miss out on this special combo that brings together tales of the past, mysteries of the present, and the allure of distant shores.

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