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The book, ???Secret Wish List??? is a fascinating story of a woman who tries to regain control of her life and fight against the matters that have made her life boring and monotonous. This story is a quest of finding the ???true self??? and battling with the external world. Written in a detailed manner and powerful narration, this novel introduces readers to characters that are neatly sketched and come with deep values. The story revolves around Deeksha who has lost all her charm of the teenage years and is now a bored woman in her mid-thirties. On a wider perspective, the book presents the frustrations and emotional trauma women go through. This book has been authored by Preeti Shenoy. Deeksha, in her teenage years was a girl full of life, indulging in all kinds of fun activities and took part in everything that looked exciting. However, her life takes a U-turn when she gets married and settles down. She loses her charm and her life becomes utterly monotonous. There is nothing new nor exciting and it looks like the old ‘Deeksha’ is lost forever. However, destiny enters the fray as she is presented with an opportunity that will enable her to re-live her past life. Will Deeksha break the shackles and get back to those times that were filled with fun and excitement? Knowing that everything comes with a price, what is the cost she will have to pay for going back to her previous life? Can Deeksha finally find the true meaning of her life? The book answers all these questions and more! About the author Preeti Shenoy is a contemporary Indian author and one of the top selling authors of recent times. She contributes regularly to various publications like Readers Digest and Times of India. The success of her columns forced her to enter the world of book writing. Some of her popular books include 34 Bubblegums and Candies, Life Is What You Make It and Tea for Two and a Piece of Cake. You can buy this book from A today by following a few easy steps.

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