The Story of Tata

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The first and only authorized biography of the Tata Group, featuring exclusive interviews with Ratan Tata and never-before-seen photographs of the Tata family. Jamsetji Tata, a visionary of his time, lit the flame that became Tata and its group of companies in 1868. This company grew to be extraordinary. One that some may even call ‘the greatest company in the world’. Over the decades, the company grew and prospered under the leadership of various torchbearers, including Sir Dorabji Tata, J.R.D. Tata, and Ratan Tata, to name a few. However, one day, the headlines boldly declared that Tata Sons’ chairman of the board, Cyrus Mistry, had been fired. What happened? Insiders from the Tata businesses open up to Peter Casey for the first time in this exclusive and authorized book to tell the story. This is a book that every business-minded individual should read, from its humble beginnings as a mercantile company to its growth as a successful yet philanthropic organization to its recent brush with Mistry.

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