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Vikraman is a twenty-somethinger who has an uncanny knack of falling into adventures – one per story. In Vikram-Vetal (Vol. 3), a grungy, modern-day reimagination, he is Vikram, a washed-up bounty hunter who is contracted to deliver a ghoul by the name of Vetal. In A Wrestling Match (Vol. 1), he is issued a challenge by ‘Iron’ Hydrose to slam him after Vikraman buys off the defending champion to win a wrestling contest. And in El Murciélago (Vol. 2), he is an undefeated bullfighter who may have finally met his match. But in the end, Vikraman manages to save the day and raise a few laughs.
Brimming with larger than life characters and over the top scenarios, Wickerman Capers paints a fantastical world. It’s short, it’s witty and doesn’t pretend to be otherwise. Inhabited by ghouls, ghosts, wrestlers, bullfighters and tigers – striped, spotted and black – it’s a world like no other!

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Owner : Available : 1In stock Genre : Fiction & Non-Fiction | Quality : Medium

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