Written in Blood

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A young Muslim woman who dares to love in militancy-ridden Kashmir of 1991. A little boy who faces an ugly reality of life in conflict-torn Israel of 2005. Two cataclysmic events more than a decade apart make them question their very own identity. In today�s fractured Indian society that has no answers for them, a bright architecture student Shezii questions his existence while Aliya, a celebrity daughter, struggles to find her anchor. To add to their woes, an international terror organization is planning to disrupt their already turbulent lives and question their loyalty to their homeland. Caught between the crossfire of religious isolation and fanaticism, Shezii and Aliya decide to fight out their own battles. But the repercussions of their decisions will unwittingly plunge Shezii, Aliya and all those around them into the vortex of intense love, burning hatred and vile treachery. As they finally reach an inevitable crossroad in life, they must choose where they belong. Will their distant past come back to haunt them? Will it put their families, even their country, at a grave risk? And, are they willing to pay the ultimate price in blood?

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