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Remember how we had to write about how books are our best friends in every essay contest or exam? And we wrote a lot about nature, friendship, knowledge, and so on, all of which we learned in order to get good grades. However, as we become older, we learn that it has both a literal and a profound meaning. Every emotion is valid. We didn’t know what self-love or self-help meant back then, but we’re all aware of the greater influence that watching films or TV series has on us. We admire a character’s traits and begin to imagine ourselves as them whenever we watch a movie or a TV show which is also a part of self-love or self-help. I can still picture myself dancing all day on AAMHI JE TOMAR after watching Bhool Bhulaiya. We start to visualize ourselves as those fictional characters in our minds; this is a good emotional ability. Mental health affects cognition, perception, and behavior and is influenced by emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It also affects how they cope with stress, interact with others, and make decisions.

Mental health is the most important aspect that is often neglected, but there is a belief that can help us feel better. “THERE IS HOPE, EVEN WHEN YOUR BRAIN TELLS YOU THERE ISN’T”-JOHN GREEN. We are all aware that mental health is a sensitive topic that many people avoid discussing for a variety of reasons. What do we do to make things better? Some people share their feelings to seek advice from others, while others share it simply to get rid of the baggage, and still, others prefer to keep it to themselves.

Others encourage us to consult therapists, which may undoubtedly assist us in resolving our problems and enhancing our mental health. But dealing with it is difficult for people like me who have a hard time expressing themselves. I’ll tell you about my personal experience during the pandemic. It was just too difficult for me to talk to my family because I was afraid I’d start crying. However, one day I saw a post about the well-known book The Fault in Our Stars and I decided to give it a shot. At the time, I had severe anxiety issues and had isolated myself to the point where I didn’t even speak to my family members. I wasn’t a bookworm back then. That book made me realize that life, like NAVRASA, is full of ups and downs and a variety of emotions. Whatever it is, we all like to win after putting in a lot of effort. Although difficult at first, once you’ve mastered it, you’ll feel on top of the world. After finishing the novel, I began to perceive things differently. I realized what self-love and self-learning meant. I never stopped believing in myself. I began to work on myself and was successful. I am just in love with my new personality!

Reading improves our mental health and teaches us about self-love and self-learning, whereas screen time has the opposite effect. We can reduce stress, blood pressure, heart rate, and muscle tension by reading. Reading has a healing effect on our state of mind in addition to providing us with knowledge. Why do you think people would rather read romance novels or self-help books than watch them? The majority of films are based on the stories in the books. They are intended to show viewers how their imagination could become reality, but believe it or not, you can feel all of the emotions while reading them! HARRY POTTER, THE FAULT IN OUR STARS, Half Girlfriend, along with many more come to mind.

We always find relatable information on social media platforms; for example, if we see a reel or post about self-love, romance books, or betrayal, we find a lot of articles about it that we enjoy reading/watching. A real book is always an option, but the downside of technology is that it strains our eyes and diverts our attention when a notification pops up on WhatsApp or Instagram.  Books, unlike gadgets, can make us feel better, calm us down, and remove any excess negative energy that has accumulated in our environment. We begin to see things in new ways and from new perspectives. We can search for self-help books or romance books online and get a variety of results such as Atomic Habits, Think Like a Monk, It Ends with Us, It Starts with Us, etc.

Let us try to find peace through self-love and self-learning, and usher in positivity by reading and crushing on our favourite character, which is a very fun and creative way to relax. Reading has a significant impact on our personalities because it increases our knowledge, expands our vocabulary, and makes us more fluent. So why not ?





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