Fantastic Mr. Fox

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David Walliams regards Roald Dahl as his hero and a genuine genius. The story introduces us to a trio of unique farmers: Boggis, a chicken farmer with an insatiable appetite for boiled chickens; Bunce, whose temper is fueled by his duck-and-goose dinners; and Bean, a cider-loving turkey-and-apple farmer. The clever Mr. Fox, however, outwits them nightly by snatching food from their farms, leaving the furious farmers unable to catch him. In a desperate attempt, the farmers concoct a plan to shoot Mr. Fox. Despite their confidence, Mr. Fox surprises them with his own ingenious scheme.

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Owner : Aarush Yadav Available : In stock Genre : Children's Books

| Publication : Puffin (21 July 2022)


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