Anonymous: A gripping cyber crime thriller

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Mr. Hiren Mehta – a rich businessman is murdered on the night of his anniversary party with his second wife Mehek., Anish Ranjan – a simple middle-class man leading a typical routine, boring life. A wife, two kids and a demanding job. A sudden encounter with a strange woman, who calls herself Anonymous, on social media adds a thrill to his life, pumping him with a much-needed dose of oxytocin. The more he chats with her, the more he keeps getting involved with her., Anish is found next to the body of Mr. Hiren Mehta, Mr. Mehta???s blood all over his clothes, murder weapon in his hands. But he never knew who this man is., Inspector Bhoomi is convinced that Anish is telling the truth. But unless she can prove otherwise, Anish is the obvious murderer., Who is anonymous? And who wanted Hiren Mehta murdered so badly? Will Bhoomi be able to figure out the real culprit, or will Anish land up in jail for life?

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