Cold Grave (Ellie Kline Psychological Thriller Series Book 5)

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With The Master and his mistress hiding in the shadows, Charleston PD Detective Ellie Kline resumes the investigation of the dozen bodies found on Tucker Penland�s property. The man who hunted his prey has left behind a horrific mystery that affects the whole police department., Every death tied to Tucker Penland raises more questions than answers, and Ellie must piece together clues to help identify each victim. Their families need closure. So does she., But she can�t escape the feeling that Dr. Kingsley, the man who kidnapped her when she was fifteen, is still out there, waiting to strike. But what can she do? Her kidnapping case was taken out of her hands, and the new detective wastes no time pointing fingers in her direction. Worse, her colleagues believe she�s obsessed with a ghost., When a threatening package arrives on her doorstep, a call to Agent Clay Lockwood leads to a startling revelation. No one is safe. Not even one of their own., A chill-inducing race to right a wrong turns horrifying in , Cold Grave, , the fifth book of the Ellie Kline Series that will have you believing that there are things much worse than death., Scroll up to one-click your copy today!

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