The Black Shield (The Red Sword Book 2)

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After the death of the paladin captain and the defeat of the sorcerer�s attack, apprentice wizards Markal and Nathaliey flee their homeland with the red sword in the hopes of carrying it to safety in the barbarian homelands. They must cross the mountains ahead of the sorcerer�s marauders while avoiding the giants and griffins that infest the high passes., But before they can cross, the two companions are taken prisoner by a band of paladins who are convinced that Markal and Nathaliey are lying about their captain�s death. The sorcerer has invaded the paladin lands, and they have begun a desperate campaign to throw back his forces., Meanwhile, the pursuing marauders have been joined by more servants of the enemy: the sorcerer�s dark acolytes, who are eager to test their growing magic against the two young wizards they have been sent to kill.

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