The Man For Her: BWWM Bad Boy Second Chance Romance (Love and Loyalty)

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After my ex wife broke my heart into 100 pieces everything changed for me. , Letting a women get close enough to hurt me was never going to happen again. , I moved on many times over but nothing had meaning and that�s the way I prefer to keep it., Until I saw her standing there right in front of me., The one I should�ve married. The one that got away., Now she�s with some loser that can�t even protect her., She�s mine and I�m going to make her see that., Her, Raising three kids on my own has been a struggle but it made me into the person I am today. , Finding my fianc� has been the best thing that has ever happened to us but something isn�t right., Connecting with a man from my past brings more questions than answers and everything I thought I knew was a lie., Could I be making a huge mistake? , The Man For Her is a BWWM steamy suspense romance stand-alone novel. For adult eyes only.

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