Dust of the Caravan: A Memoir

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Dust of the Caravan is a selection of writings by anis Kidwai sketching the personal and political journey of a Muslim woman through the first eight decades of the 20th century. In Kidwai???s often humorous and always incisive and compassionate telling of the travels that took her from a birth and upbringing in rural Awadh into the maelstrom of Partition and its aftermath, lies a rich tapestry of tales. Simultaneously a social History of life in rural awash in the early 20th century and the birth of the National Movement in the region as well as an account of the traditions of mutual respect and understanding between different faiths in a shared culture and the rupture of those very traditions during Partition, this book is also the story of a woman???s journey from the home into the world and from ???family values??? towards autonomous beliefs, friendships, and activism. In addition to its value as a literary work, dust of the Caravan is an important resource in the fields of history, sociology, and gender studies.

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