Polar Shift (Alaska Alphas Book 4)

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Raven shifter, Kai Johnson, is balls deep in debt after he and his brothers purchase an old Alaskan lodge Though he has committed body and wallet to making a go of it, things change when his childhood friend, Haven Seward, arrives and suggests they become ‘friends with benefits’. Finally seeing his chance to show her that they are meant to be together, he agrees. But Haven’s determination to take over her father’s position as Alpha will give Kai a run for his money., As daughter of the previous pack Alpha, certain things are expected from Haven, but being unable to shift has her questioning her ability to lead. After losing the bid for the lodge to her childhood friend, she stops by to show him there are no hard feelings. But things between them heat up when Kai plants a toe-curling kiss on her and offers a possible solution to her current predicament. At first, it seems to be the perfect solution to her problem, but when the stakes change, the future she’s always imagined for herself starts to slip away., But even if she succeeds, will she truly be happy being the Alpha or will her choice start a clan war between the ravens and wolves. Is putting everything on the line for love worth price the glacier magic might demand?

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