Hassle Free Bedtime: : Getting any child to bed is as easy as 1-2-3!

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Why buy my book? Because you and your child NEED SLEEP! It is a biological fact that we and our children are better when we have the sleep we need. We cannot “catch up” on our sleep. What is lost is lost. We are also more prone to accidents when we are sleep deprived. According to the CDC in Atlanta, one of the top reasons children die is due to accidents. Don’t lose another minute of your or your baby’s/child’s sleep.Or you should buy this book because the parents you know who are expecting expecting a baby or adopting a baby will adore you when you buy my book and combine it with an Infant Massage class and give it to them for their baby shower!In this book I present a three step process that will set you up for a quiet night with any child. These three chapters explain how a child responds emotionally and physically to their environment and most importantly to you. The simple solutions presented in this three step process support you and your child in setting you both up for a long and quiet sleep. Really who does not want better sleep and to wake up refreshed each day?

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