Rough Air Ahead: The Life Cycles of Small Business

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Several years ago I was on a plane flying to Europe to work on building the distribution network for our family business. As we were flying over the Atlantic, I was finishing my dinner and watching the first movie of the flight when the pilot came on with a standard announcement that frequent fliers hear all the time: “Ladies and gentlemen, I have had to illuminate the ‘fasten seat belt’ sign because we are getting indications there will be some rough air ahead.” I thought about that for a minute and the number of times I had heard that announcement over an aircraft PA system, and it struck me what an appropriate analogy it was for those operating their own small business. No matter where you fly, or what airline you fly, if you are in the air for any extended period of time you will hear that announcement. Every time you hear it that feeling of slight discomfort occurs-not panic or extreme stress, just slight discomfort and the thought that you hope this does not last long. All small business owners, whether they are a one-man show, or they have hundreds of employees, are pre-occupied with the same challenge. How do they maximize the value of their business? Using the backdrop of the lifecycles of small business, the 40-year case history of our core family business, examples from other successful entrepreneurs, and my management techniques, Rough Air Ahead gives the small business owner the tool they need to start their business, grow their business, manage their business, and exit wealthy! This book will help all small business owners understand where their business is today, where it might be headed, and some of the challenges along the way.

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