From the Ashes of Eden (The Empire Chronicles Book 2)

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After a quarrel over the future path of the Guardians with Dallas, Miranda Fisher walks out of his life ??? and vanishes. Still in love with Miranda, Dallas assembles a team to find her. He knows they are in a race against time with an ancient nemesis: the Ha.Sa.Tan. For Humanity???s sake, as well as his own, he knows he must find her before the enemy does. , When he pulls the new group together he discovers that to be successful he must rely on a nemesis of his own, Charlotte ???Charley??? Ryan, an old love from his days at the British Museum. It was she, all those years ago, who first handed him the strange cuneiform tablets to translate, and in so doing had ruined his life. An act for which Dallas never forgave her., Struggling to put his anger and bittersweet memories aside, Dallas teams up with Charlotte, Azazel, Joshua Fisher, Camile, Jorge and the others in a race against time to find both Miranda and the other hidden chambers, before the Ha.Sa.Tan. All the while, the mysterious Mr. Smith, follows their every move. Is he tracking them or directing them? Even the Guardians aren???t sure., This much they are sure of, however. They know that the Ha.Sa.Tan have supplanted the Anunnaki as the rulers of the galactic empire and both are looking for the same thing, a mysterious device hidden somewhere on Earth. It is a weapon which could either destroy the empire or cement the Ha.Sa.Tan???s hold on the galaxy, depending on who finds it first.

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