He Was Almost Mine: A Scandalous Affair Special Edition

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Real love is hard to come across yet it is the very thing that the voluptuous radio-host Noel Bristol desperately craves. Fortunately, after surviving the blind date from hell, work lands her in the presence of the infamous Sullivan McKlerc, one of Chicago???s most sexiest eligible bachelors and successful club owner of the hottest club in the city. From the moment Noel laid eyes on Sullivan she knew with every fiber of her being that she wanted him to be hers. What she didn???t know is that he was already contemplating on making the first move. But when the brewing chemistry between the two becomes fatal and when the line between business and pleasure become blurred, both of their lives become havoc as they fight to not only secure a place in one another heart but to simply remain alive. In this epic romance novel, friends become enemies, family become snakes, buried secrets are uncovered, hearts are broken, and the element of trust and loyalty is put to the ultimate test. The occurring obstacles they???ll face in this dynamic tale will have both Noel and Sullivan asking is either of them worth all the trouble and reveal unto them just how scandalous love can really be.

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