Foxes and Fatal Attraction: Mystery (Madigan Amos Zoo Mysteries Book 9)

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Madi takes a break from running The Lucky Zoo to go house-hunting with Tiff, but when they find a body in the bedroom, their house-hunt turns into a horror show. Detective Gregory is on the case, but the killer has meticulously planned the murder. The only possible mistake? The killer believed the victim would stay missing for much, much longer???, A spate of animal thefts are also worrying Madi. The stolen animals are all valuable pedigree dogs and prestigious horses. Who???s taking them? Where are the animals now? And who is the thief’s next target?, Auryn is struggling with his own mystery at the zoo. An intruder is breaking in at night and targeting Avery Zoo???s fowl collection. Does the zoo have a rather wily fox on its hands, or is the real culprit larger and walks on two legs?, Once more, Madi finds herself too close to murder…. and the body count is about to rise. ,

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