Falling For My Best Friend: A best-friends-to-lovers romance

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***PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED AS YOURS TRULY***, Vikram, was Rhea’s best friend since childhood. They’d been friends ever since he taught her to ride her bicycle when she was five. To Rhea, who fell for Vikram over the years, he was perfect, her own ‘Prince Charming’ who could do no wrong. Or so she thought! Until he brought his girlfriend home to introduce to his parents., Rhea, was that best friend with who Vikram could talk about anything. Orphaned at a young age, Rhea lived with Vikram’s family and they grew up together, having each other’s backs always. While he held her on a pedestal, he wasn’t aware of his best friend’s love for him. That was until the day he kissed her. Will their friendship survive the attraction? Where did Tanya, Vikram’s girlfriend, fit into all this?

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