The Demon’s Hunger (The Fay Morgan Chronicles Book 2)

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In the second book of The Fay Morgan Chronicles, Morgan le Fay is on a well-deserved vacation with her long lost love, Merlin. It hastily ends when they learn that immortals are disappearing across the globe, including some of Morgan’s friends. , Soon Morgan is hurled into a tangled intrigue of secrets and abductions as she and Merlin race across the world. They interrogate a clever A.I., exchange information with the Highlander, and test their wits against demons as they try to discover what is going on. All the while, Morgan must hide her own secret from Merlin regarding the terrible relic she possesses. As they hunt down the attacker, Morgan has the uncanny feeling that she will be the next target. Fans of the Dresden Files and the Twenty-sided Sorceress series should enjoy this second book of The Fay Morgan Chronicles.

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