Killer Love

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We don’t belong together. , I’m betrothed. Promised to his enemy., But Luka Lutrova doesn’t look at me like I’m someone else’s bride., He looks at me like I’m , his., That’s how I knew he would help me escape from the mafia family who claimed me: the evil and notorious Zappia cult., What I didn’t know was what he would expect of me in return., From one prison to another., I would never not be a killer’s bride, but Luka’s touch is hard to resist., He’s firm and possessive, but safe., Our son and I would have a home with the Lutrovas. A better life., But the Zappias will never let us go., Not without war and bloodshed., Luka will do anything to make me his bride., And I will do anything to be , his., KILLER LOVE is the first book in the KILLER LOVE saga by Tabatha Drake. Seven books. Five couples. One dark and dangerous adventure., Author???s Note: This book was previously published as , Bloodlines, . It has been revised for new readers, including extended and deleted scenes for old readers to enjoy.

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