Island Aflame

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The story begins in Brooklyn, New York, with Danny, one of the principal characters, a U.S Army veteran born in Jamaica, now a businessman and sometime contract killer, avenging the robbery and beating of a childhood friend. The action takes place during a weekend of celebration leading up to the West Indian Day Parade. It segues to Jamaica where Danny, a.k.a. Shades, goes to work as an urban terrorist employed by the CIA as part of a campaign to destabilize the socialist leaning government. , The protagonist Bennett Meyers and a group of associates are financing their ambitious business plans by shipping marijuana to an organized crime group in America. Payment for the drug is laundered through fees for a concert tour by Miria, a singer under contract to Meyers??? record label., Several relationships unfold against a backdrop of cold war era political violence that exposes the sad reality behind the island???s idyllic facade. Edna, Meyers??? sister, moves to end an abusive marriage and finds new love as she re-discovers herself while managing part of his plan to change the island???s economy. A striver seeks entry into the upper crust of island society by tying his fortunes to spoiled rich girl. Bennett finds true love and a new future as a political leader after barely escaping a bullet from Edna???s policeman husband who has doggedly sought to bring down his drug smuggling scheme.

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