Deadly Grace: Avenging Angel 3 (Avenging Angel Series)

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When an Avenging Angel falls for a Reaper there’s more than hell to pay ??? there’s war. The Red Queen has freed the rebel Daemon, the Watchers snatched into Faerie, her lover kidnapped, a Fallen Angel is building a forbidden bridge to heaven, and it’s all Evie’s fault. , To bring her Reaper lover, Trick, back from the dead, Evie sacrificed a wing and her heavenly Grace to a Fallen Angel known as the Baron. That choice set in motion a chain of events igniting a war between heaven and earth. , During the battle against the Red Queen, the Baron succeeded in stealing Trick and his demonic contract. With Trick missing, Evie is having trouble focusing on the big picture, especially when she learns the Baron has forced him to once again become a Reaper. His new master needs four fresh souls for a mysterious spell and her lover has no choice but to obey. , A gift from a dying Nephilim gives Evie back the skies. As she criss-crosses L.A. searching for Trick, Evie realizes too late that the gift carries a dark price. A curse almost too terrible to bear. Now Trick can only come to Evie in her dreams. Dreams that turn into waking nightmares as rebels and Angels fight to guide the destiny of mankind., The afterlife has rules and Evie has broken most of them over the past few months. If she was still a cop, she’d arrest herself. To make things right, Evie must join forces with her enemy to do the unthinkable and take the fight to the Gates of Heaven itself.

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