The First Deadly Sin (The Edward X. Delaney Series Book 1)

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The #1 , New York Times, ���bestselling author introduces readers to ���a great detective, a detective���s detective,��� New York cop Edward X. Delaney (, Kirkus Reviews, )., New York Police Department Captain Edward Delaney is called to the scene of a brutal murder. A Brooklyn councilman was struck from behind, the back of his skull punctured and crushed with an unknown weapon. The victim wasn���t robbed, and there���s no known motive. The commissioner appoints Delaney to head up a clandestine task force, but soon this effort ignites an internecine war of departmental backstabbing. ����Distracted by the serious illness of his wife, Barbara, Delaney begins his secret investigation. Then the killer claims another victim���slain in the exact same way, leaving the strange puncture wound. As more young men are found murdered, Delaney starts putting the pieces together. Soon, he���s faced with a cop���s dilemma: He knows who the killer is, but the man is untouchable. That���s when Delaney lays a trap to bring a monster to justice . . .

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