Ram + Sita + Raavan + War Of Lanka (COMBO OFFER)

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1.Ram – Scion of Ikshvaku (Ram Chandra Book 1)

Author: Amish Tripathi

Lose yourself in this epic adventure thriller, based on the Ramayana, the story of Lord Ram, written by the multi-million bestselling Indian Author Amish; the author who has transformed Indian Fiction with his unique combination of mystery, mythology, religious symbolism, and philosophy. In this book, you will find all the familiar characters you have heard of, like Lord Ram, Lord Lakshman, Lady Sita, Lord Hanuman, Lord Bharat, and many others from Ayodhya. And even some from Lanka like Ravan! Read this BESTSELLER, the highest-selling book of 2015, the first book of the Ram Chandra Series.

2. Sita: Warrior Of Mithila (Ram Chandra Series Book 2)

Author: Amish Tripathi

India, 3400 BCE. India is beset with divisions, resentment, and poverty. The people hate their rulers. They despise their corrupt and selfish elite. Chaos is just one spark away. Outsiders exploit these divisions. Raavan, the demon king of Lanka, grows increasingly powerful, sinking his fangs deeper into the hapless Sapt Sindhu. Two powerful tribes, the protectors of the divine land of India, decide that enough is enough. A savior is needed. They begin their search. An abandoned baby is found in a field. Protected by a vulture from a pack of murderous wolves. She is adopted by the ruler of Mithila, a powerless kingdom, ignored by all. Nobody believes this child will amount to much. But they are wrong. For she is no ordinary girl. She is Sita. Continue the epic journey with Amish’s latest: A thrilling adventure that chronicles the rise of an orphan, who became the prime minister. And then, a Goddess. This is the second book in the Ram Chandra Series. A sequel that takes you back. Back before the beginning.

3. Raavan: Enemy Of Aryavarta

Author: Amish Tripathi

A land in tumult, poverty, and chaos. Most people suffer quietly. A few rebel. Some fight for a better world. Some for themselves. Some don’t give a damn. Raavan. Fathered by one of the most illustrious sages of the time. Blessed by the Gods with talents beyond all. Cursed by fate to be tested to the extremes.

A formidable teenage pirate, he is filled with equal parts courage, cruelty, and fearsome resolve. A resolve to be a giant among men, to conquer, plunder, and seize the greatness that he thinks is his right. A man of contrasts, brutal violence and scholarly knowledge. A man who will love without reward and kill without remorse. This exhilarating third book of the Ram Chandra series sheds light on Raavan, the king of Lanka. And the light shines on the darkness of the darkest kind. Is he the greatest villain in history or just a man in a dark place, all the time.

4. War Of Lanka (Ram Chandra Series Book 4)

Author: Amish Tripathi

Greed. Rage. Grief. Love. Smoldering tinder, waiting to trigger a war. But this war is different. This one is for Dharma. This war is for the greatest Goddess of them all. Sita has been kidnapped. Defiantly, she dares Raavan to kill her – she’d rather die than allow Ram to surrender.

Ram is beside himself with grief and rage. He prepares for war. Fury is his fuel. Calm focus, his guide. Raavan thought he was invincible. He thought he’d negotiate and force a surrender. Little did he know.

The first three books of the second-fastest-selling book series in Indian publishing history – the Ram Chandra Series – explore the individual journeys of Ram, Sita, and Raavan. In this, epic fourth book of the series, their narrative strands crash into each other and explode in a slaughterous war.

Will Ram defeat the ruthless and fiendish Raavan, constrained as he is by the laws of Dharma. Will Lanka burn to a cinder or fight back like a cornered tiger. Will the terrible costs of war be worth the victory.

Most importantly, will Vishnu rise? And will the real enemies of the land fear the Vishnu. Fear is the mother of love.

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