Rich Dad Poor Dad (Hindi)

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Discover the compelling wisdom within ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad,’ a thought-provoking book that examines the strikingly different financial outlooks of two father figures: the author’s biological father (known as ‘Poor Dad’) and his friend’s father (dubbed ‘Rich Dad’). Through engaging narratives and pragmatic insights, the book emphasizes the significance of financial education, asset accumulation, and entrepreneurial thinking. It challenges conventional notions about money and empowers readers to seize command of their financial destinies. Robert Kiyosaki’s timeless classic offers invaluable financial guidance, prompting individuals to reevaluate their approach to wealth and financial independence.




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Owner : Manisha Available : 9In stock Genre : Fiction & Non-Fiction | Quality : Excellent

Languages : Hindi | Authors : Robert T Kiyosaki | Publication : Manjul Publishing House


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