The remains of the buddha

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Hidden within the ancient Buddhist stupas lie secrets that have endured the passage of time alongside the sacred Remains of The Buddha. More than twenty-five centuries ago, a charismatic man graced the Earth, leaving an indelible mark with his meditative serenity and blissful presence—the Buddha, the awakened one. Upon his demise, his earthly remnants were interred within the heart of eight stupas, accompanied by artifacts he once used. Despite their ancient origin, these relics are believed to possess a potent influence capable of shaping the destinies of individuals and nations.

In the year 2023, in Bharat, individuals from diverse nations embark on a quest for specific artifacts intricately linked to the Buddha and the oldest stupas. Each seeker harbors a unique motive, and by sheer coincidence, Shuvashini and Saikat, the duo who unraveled the enigma of The Speaking Stone, find themselves entangled in this extraordinary pursuit. Gradually, the journey unveils an untold chapter from the Ashokan era, but their exploration takes a dark turn with the occurrence of a ruthless murder. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, Shuvashini and Saikat understand that deciphering the secret codes and intricate geometrical patterns etched on the ancient stupa walls is imperative. Only through unraveling these mysteries can they hope to safeguard a priceless treasure, intimately connected to the Buddha, from falling into the wrong hands.

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