The speaking stone

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In December 2016, a young man stumbles upon an ancient-looking stone in Mumbai, adorned with mysterious images and Sanskrit inscriptions. Driven by the desire to unravel its origin, he embarks on a journey to a distant part of the country. Simultaneously, in Chandannagar, a spirited young historian discovers an old book containing a century-old secret about an obscure region. Her quest is abruptly halted as the book mysteriously vanishes, prompting her to travel to a serene, little-known state in search of answers.

Fate intertwines their paths, leading them on a joint investigation that takes them from the city museum to a remote rocky mountain. As they delve into the past, a century-old tale unfolds—a narrative of a captivating danseuse, her mysterious lover, a trail of admirers, a painter blessed with a photographic memory, a multi-voiced bird, a benevolent king, and a sinister conspiracy. The key to unlocking the final secret lies in the missing fragment of The Speaking Stone.

However, as they unearth ancient secrets, they find themselves entangled in a web of danger, with their lives hanging in the balance. To unveil the full story, delve into the pages of “The Speaking Stone.”

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Languages : English | Authors : Ratnadip Acharya


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