The Enormous Crocodile

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In the heart of the mysterious African jungle, a sinister presence stirs. The Enormous Crocodile, a wicked and insatiable creature, contemplates his next meal with a sinister glint in his eye. As the greediest croc in the entire river, his appetite for something juicy and delectable knows no bounds. His teeth gleam like sharpened daggers in the scorching sun, and an ever-growing hunger gnaws at his belly.

In this treacherous tale, the crocodile’s malevolent intentions take center stage, as he sets his sights on a potential victim. With a grumptious demeanor, he plots to devour something or someone succulent and satisfying. The jungle trembles in fear as rumors of the crocodile’s intentions spread like wildfire, leaving all creatures on high alert.

Beware, for the monstrous predator is on the prowl, seeking the perfect morsel to satiate his appetite. His cunning mind schemes and concocts devious plans to ensnare the unfortunate soul that crosses his path. Who will be the one to face this menacing beast? Only time will tell as the Enormous Crocodile’s sinister quest unfolds in this thrilling and suspenseful adventure.

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Owner : Krish Kapoor Available : In stock Genre : Children's Books

| Publication : Puffin


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